Kempsville Classic: Volunteers Wanted

Hello band students and parents alumni and graduates!!!

OCTOBER 1, 2011
We need EVERYONE's help to be a success!

The Kempsville Classic is fast approaching and I need your support to see that this is again a successful event! Without your help and support an event of this kind would not happen.  I have listed below the volunteer positions that are available and a description of each.  Please also send this to any past students or parents that might want to lend a hand (even an hour or two).  For all those that volunteer you will receive a certificate that shows you have volunteer hours and I know that for students this is great on college applications. (Community Service)

Volunteer Coordinator  --  This person will set up in the band room to help all volunteers sign in and advise where they are to report to help.  This person will also be the contact if there is a problem instead of calling all around to figure it out.

Air Grams – This person is stationed at a table (near bake sale and button table) and will sell air gram messages that are purchased by parents and friends to members of the various bands.  There will also needs to be someone at each table who will run the purchased airgrams up to the announcers booth before each school performs.

Medical Tent – We need several volunteers to man the medical tent to help with “sick” band students/parents.  It is great if you are currently in the medical field but is not a requirement. Usually, we are needed if a student over heats, twists an ankle, needs a bandage, or needs a place to lie down. 

***Band Guides – This is where we will need the most help and this is great for past students or members of the band if it does not conflict with their competition time.  There is usually two people assigned to each band that attends our event and you are there to “guide” the band from the bus to warm up and eventually to the field to perform. We make a BIG IMPRESSION in this roll, showing our visiting students how wonderful our school is!  :)

Ticket Sales – Need several people that will sell tickets at the ticket booth.  Would prefer adults because of the amount of money being handled. We not only man the booth where the football game tickets are sold, we also have a booth at the other gate where we sell tickets and programs. That table is in constant contact with the main ticket booth. We sell tickets as well as programs.

Judges Booth/Scoring – This person would be responsible for running scores up to the judges after each band performs and also helping the judges with any needs that should arise.

Security --  This will require several people that will help watch the gates and bleachers to make sure people are not getting in without purchasing tickets and also to help with crowd control in the bleachers.

Souvenir Sales --  Will need several people to help sell souvenir’s throughout the day.

Bake sale / Button Booth – We will need several people that will work with Beth Hunter to man the bake sale table, where we sell goods that have been baked and donated by the students and parents.  The button button booth is right beside the baked goods, where we make and sell button’s with the logos of the various schools competing and other novelty buttons. This year, we will also have pom poms with the schools various colors!  GO TEAM! 

Every year at the Kempsville Classic competition, KHS has become known with the judges and other band directors for having plenty or delicious food and yummy baked goods available in our hospitality suite!  Let's keep that tradition going this year!!!  

Please email me and let me know what you would like to bake/make and donate for our event.  Feel free to make your secret recipe or your world famous dish for the event.  Please limit the amount of chocolate items for the bake sale as the temperature has had an effect on them in the past.

Please let me know if you have any questions and feel free to email me with what time you are available to help. 


Melody Sumpter
Kempsville High School Band Parent Association
1st Vice President - Trips
Kempsville Classic Chair