Oct 21
Attached (at the bottom of this page) are the forms that were sent home with your students this week, JUST INCASE you didn't see them!!  :) One never knows where these forms might end up, but I still hold out hope that they do make
it most of your homes.
Also, students will be allowed to leave the football game tomorrow after our halftime show tomorrow
night. This will give everyone a chance to get at least some sleep before they have to be back at the school
at 2:00am! PLEASE remind your students that while they will be excited for our trip, they really do need to get some
sleep on the bus if at all possible!  Please be sure and
Please let us know if you have any questions. AND, this is a final reminder to send breakfast items
to share on the way to Maryland, and send baked goods or other items for snacks on on the bus ride home.
Thanks for being such a great group of parents to work with! 
Sandi Levi - President
E-mail Coordinator
Kempsville High School Band Parent Association
757-435-6978 cell
 Oct 21
Please be sure and.....have your student bring their suitcase with them tomorrow or at least have it in the
band room before the game tomorrow night so that the chaperones can go through them before they leave
school after the game. All CD cases will be checked and all suitcases and items being taken on the bus
will be checked.
We want to get right on the bus as soon as we get to school and the bus arrives.  If students bring anything
extra with them when they arrive at 2:00am, please immediately take it to your chaperone for approval. 
For new students and for those who need to be reminded, there is ZERO TOLERANCE on alcohol or
tobacco items.  They are NOT allowed on our band trip!  Only PG13 movies are allowed to be brought
on the trip and/or watched on the bus. As Mr. Gauldin has discussed, there will be severe consequences
if any of these items are found. Suitcases are examined to be sure that all items packed are acceptable
items.  IF there are any questions at all......please see Mr. Gauldin.
Thanks for your support......and to save having to send out another email tonight, I will add Rimma's email
about uniforms to this email.  :) 

Oct 20
Hello all!

Please make sure everything iis in your garment bag and that it's clean.  Make sure you have all pieces
to the uniform and your warm ups.  LONG BLACK SOCKS are a must, red band shirt and something
to go under your uniform. Make sure you have warm stuff to wear under your uniform on Saturday and if
you plan on wearing a hat with your warm ps on Saturday it should be a black one.

Thank You,
Rimma Eckroth
(757) 667-0155
Oct 19
Good Afternoon! 
Just a reminder that for our trip this weekend we will have breakfast on the bus (that has been donated by parents) and then we will have lunch at the stadium.  We have included $15.00 in the cost of the trip for lunch at the stadium, and $15.00 for dinner at the mall, however please remind your child that we will be in the stadium from the time we perform (9:45 am) until awards (5:00 pm) so if they feel they may need additional food during this time or would like spending money for the stadium or for the mall when we go later that evening that they will need to bring their own “additional funds” to cover such cost.   The mall we are going to is Arundel Mall and you can look it up on line to see the various shops and food places they have so you may have a feel for what you may want to shop for, eat, or look at. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks,
Melody Sumpter
Kempsville High School Band Parent Association1st Vice President - TripsKempsville Classic
Kempsville H. S. Band,
Oct 21, 2011, 6:47 AM
Kempsville H. S. Band,
Oct 21, 2011, 6:47 AM