KHS Band Program
volunteers please fill out the required volunteer form for the school located at the bottom of this page.  E-mail or return this form to Mr.Waters. Upon completion, the office will perform the district mandated background check.
Thank you!!

If you would like to volunteer but aren't sure how to help, or don't have a preference for what you would like to volunteer for, please contact our President, Marie Lauture. She will be happy to tell you all the ways in which we need help!

We are looking for volunteers for:
  • Chaperones for Saturday Contests
  • Concessions at Friday Night Football Games
  • Pit Crew dads/moms/alumni for games and contests
  • Flag sewing (Please email or text Mr. Waters)
  • Cookies/Refreshments table at Concerts
  • Many other areas! Please email Marie and ask how you can help!

Khs Band,
Sep 19, 2016, 6:24 PM